How To Grow More Hair With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Are you experiencing hair loss or thinning? Many factors can affect your hair and scalp, including ageing, stress and medications. You can increase your hair growth during these times by adding food-grade diatomaceous earth or silica to your daily diet. 

Opal silica is one of the most important trace elements in our body and is crucial for healthy hair, nails and skin. It will protect your heart health by reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. This mineral can also support your immune response, and help to control inflammation in the body.

Research has shown that opal silica restores and repairs the collagen in our body for strong bones, thicker hair and clearer skin. 

Diatomaceous earth is made up of 94% opal silica, making it a far richer source than any beauty supplement on the market and is an essential building block for hair. A lack of silica in your diet can damage the quality of your hair and end your hair's growth cycle. Without enough silica your hair will continue to thin in just a few weeks. 

Silica has been shown to stimulate hair growth. Our hair is made up of 90% silica, so it would make sense that it's thirsty for the stuff. Taking just 1 dose of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth daily gives you enough silica to support healthy, strong hair.

Just by adding one teaspoon daily (make sure it's food grade diatomaceous earth) in fresh water or juice on an empty stomach will improve your hair quality. Always ensure you're drinking plenty of water afterwards and throughout the day to stay hydrated. You can also purchase the Supercharged Food Love Your Gut powder or tablets right here at Econique.

All the best on your healthy hair restoration programme. 



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