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The Gift of Healthy Hair with Shampoo Bars

I've written this shampoo bar review because there’s been a bit of a buzz on social media about shampoo and conditioner bars, so I thought I'd do some investigating.

I found Amor Luminis, a Perth based solid shampoo bar business and I'm so pleased I did. Sceptical at first, not getting any lather I nearly gave up, but the waste free warrior inside me decided to do some research to find out how to get the best shampoo wash and condition and my tresses haven't looked back. I make 4-5 swipes across my head on really wet hair and then lather up. I make sure to keep the bar dry by airing it on a soap dish or on a block dock between washes.

If you're looking for a plastic free haircare solution, then you must try this hassle free option. Even when travelling if you take a shampoo bar with you it's a great space saver. They last months and are so small and light.  Don't be fooled by their size these are long lasting. I've used the shampoo bar to wash my underpants if I'm desperate, it works very well. I've also used the conditioner bar to shave my legs on holiday. Both bars are dual use for me while travelling.

Each bar has been formulated to suit different hair types and needs, one bar lasts between 35 and 40 washes, they are 100% natural and they boost shine and stimulate the scalp.

    These are exactly what you would buy in a plastic container but more concentrated and lightweight. You don't have to wait for your hair to detox from liquid shampoo either, just use the shampoo bar every day or twice weekly and your hair will feel luxuriously conditioned and soft. 

    Each shampoo bar smells divine made up of essential oils, zero toxins and kind to the environment.  Included in each bar you will find premium organic ingredients, no cheap fillers like butters which add bulk to the bar but are counter-productive to hair health because butters suffocate the hair shaft and scalp. The added olive oil compound works like silicone and panthenol (but is not) to strengthen the hair and make it super shiny without feeling like the hair has been stripped. The same way that detergent based shampoos can make your hair feel. 

    Because of the concentrated nature of the conditioner bar, you have to be careful not to use too much. Don't expect the conditioner to foam or lather, it's purely for nourishment and softness. A swipe or two (make sure it’s a swipe to cover ALL your wet hair) head under water for 2 seconds, massage on hair, you will then work out how much more you need. Remember to start with a little and increase the amount if more is required. The magic will happen during the rinsing. 

    These bars offer solutions for every hair type even coloured hair, grey hair or bleached hair that needs toning. The result is soft and shiny hair with body and fragrance, they're non drying and don't add too much buildup. I've tried and tested them, they will make your hair feel strong and silky and beautifully healthy.

    I've found these Amor Luminis bars are the best quality and best value on the market with prices ranging between $19.95 and $27.95 and I've got a huge range  of affordable eco haircare options for you in my Haircare collection.

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