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CORKCICLE drink bottles help you to reduce the impact of plastic drink bottles on the environment. With Corkcicle you can choose a range of drinkware that remains inherently stylish. Their signature Classic Canteens are designed to keep both hot and cold liquids at their optimum drinking temperature for up to 25 hours. They are pretty great!

Slip-proof silicone bases minimises the danger of slippage, and the clear shatter-proof lids on the tumblers and cups make it easy to tell how much liquid you have left in your vessel. Fitted with effortlessly graspable sides, wide mouths for ice cube access, and all BPA free: CORKCICLE works hard to cater to all your drinkware needs and desires. With triple insulation, Canteen keeps beverages cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 wherever you take it. 

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