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BYRON BAY DETOX Foot Patches - Econique

Byron Naturals Detox Foot Patches

Byron Naturals
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Byron Bay Detox Foot Patches assist in the gentle removal of toxins from the body, increasing the overall sense of well-being. They assist by gently absorbing excess fluid to reduce swelling and water retention. In today's environment we expose our bodies to an incredible amount of toxins, chemicals and metals.

Users can benefit from flushing the intestines and cleansing the liver and kidneys. According to ancient Eastern medicine, toxins in the body accumulate in the feet. Man made chemicals are often not removed by the body's own elimination processes.

Simply apply the patch at night and see the results in the morning! The body naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates itself while sleeping. Detox the easy, gentle and natural way. No strict diets or harsh programs. Contains 7 pairs.