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Black Stone Ultrasonic Diffuser | Econique

The Goodnight Co Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Black

The Goodnight Co
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Bring the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy into your home using our modern, black ceramic ultrasonic diffuser. You will enjoy the many aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, like relaxation and sleep, improving cognitive function and helping you breathe with ease. Essential oils help to manage sleep, mood and energy levels. 

Goodnight Co ceramic diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which allows the mist to be delivered through vibrations. The oils are safely diffused without any heat. 

It's the perfect gift for your loved one. 


    • Water tank capacity: 100mL
    • Dimensions: 180mm height, 88mm diameter  
    • Weight: 490g 
    • Maximum continuous run time: 3-4 hours
    • Materials: Ceramic cover, BPA-free plastic water tank
    • Technology: Ultrasonic rate of 2.4MHz
    • Safety: When the water depletes, the mist turns off automatically 
    • Warranty: 12 month warranty