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GRIN Dental Floss Sticks Biodegradable 45 picks - Econique

GRIN Dental Floss Sticks Biodegradable 45 picks

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Grin Dental Floss sticks natural mint flavour are 2-in-1-  better for your oral health and the environment. They have a biodegradable corn starch handle. The dental floss thread is made from a luxurious, resilient material that doesn't tear or shred easily and is naturally flavoured with mint oil. 

Use daily to remove bacteria and debris from in between the teeth to help prevent bad breath and gum disease.  Each one is individually packed in eco friendly paper for on the go ease. Natural mint flavour. Handle made from a mix of 40%non GMO corn starch and 60% PLA materials (better on the environment than standard picks). Free from PFAS and BPA.