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Econique started with my obsession in finding ways to keep my skin young and firm in the most natural way possible. It's great to see a complete shift in the beauty industry with more and more people conscious and making the switch to using natural and non toxic ingredients in their personal care products.

My mantra is 'We eat superfoods and antioxidants to boost our health so let's start putting them in our makeup bag to improve our skin!' 

I read all of the ingredients on the back of beauty products and I do some basic research using the EWG Skindeep database  There is an endless list of noxious ingredients in our personal care products and it can get really overwhelming. With EWG I can get a safety rating on every ingredient and this information helps me to choose the right products for my whole family. Too many products on the market are full of carcinogens, endocrine disrupters and toxic ingredients which is why I'm so passionate about organic skincare and beauty products. The products we use should be supporting our health, not compromising it. I'm always looking for safe ingredients in the products that I stock here at Econique. They need to be good for my health, plant based and earth friendly. 

I've got a growing Eco Living section that attracts shoppers who are looking for items that can be reused and recycled and I always package my deliveries in compostable mailing bags or cardboard boxes.

I also work closely with local schools by collecting beauty product packaging and sending them off to Terracycle. Going the extra mile when disposing of our plastic packaging helps to reduce the growing pressure on landfill and our precious earth. Through TerraCycle’s fantastic free recycling programs, you can earn TerraCycle points which are redeemable for charitable gifts, TerraCycle products, or a donation to a school or non-profit of your choice. I urge you to sign up today. 

I want to give all of my customers an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. I've done all the hard work for you and I'm thrilled to stock the brands that I do. I just know that you'll love using them too. 

Affordable natural skincare and eco living is only a click away!