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Welcome to Econique!

I want you to find the best natural beauty products from Australia and beyond. I want to give you a smarter online shopping experience when you're looking for cleaner and healthier products without harmful ingredients, cheap fillers or unnecessary packaging. 

Econique is stocked with affordable to hyper luxe skincare brands. We are your eco beauty store, a place where you will find natural and organic beauty products. You can also shop for eco friendly products and smarter ways to live sustainably at home. We can all start to make environmentally friendly changes at home and its important to know that one small change can have a huge impact.

The best natural anti ageing treatments are those that feed your skin, sourced from botanicals, packed with antioxidants and free from synthetic fragrances and dyes. Each plant has a beauty secret to soften, soothe, moisturise, cleanse and repair your skin.

I started Econique when I discovered how many harsh fillers are used in common products like deodorants, facial cleansers, foundations, perfumes and body creams. I woke up to the effects that these ingredients can have on our health. I was tired of hearing the excuse that these toxins are used in such small quantities. We all know that most of us use several of these personal care items every day and I believe it’s the accumulation of inferior products in our bodies that can lead to illness and disease. 

The first and easiest change I made was switching to a natural deodorant. I've never looked back. Next I addressed my skin which was a dry and dehydrated mess from the harsh sulphate rich cleansers, shower gels and moisturisers I was using. I had unsightly eczema patches that would flare up from time to time on my legs. Through my own trial and error, I’ve curated the best natural products that improved my own skin. Now I only use plant based body creams and oils that nourish and soften instead of aggravate. Lastly, when I learned that parabens disrupt hormone function I switched to paraben-free and sulphate-free shampoo bars. Now my hair is thicker and stronger and I have noticeably less hair loss!

I want to give you honest and factual information so you can make safer, simpler choices for you and your family. I know how easy it is to be mislead by marketing and advertising campaigns. Have confidence that every purchase you make with us puts your health first. I'm thrilled to stock the safe brands that I do. I just know that you'll love using them.

Affordable natural skincare and eco friendly living is only a click away!