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Bass Eco Flex Detangler - Econique

Bass Eco-Flex Detangler Green

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Bass Brushes have released their new hair brush in three awesome and vibrant colours. The Eco-Flex Detangler Hair Brush is made from 100% compressed natural plant starch and is certified 95% biodegradable. It is light to hold and anatomically contoured for maximum comfort on the scalp. Only use with a cool hair dryer not hot. 

The unique, patented eco-flex design, and anti knot bristles, makes easy work of even the most stubborn tangles. Provides a closer fit and better grip to reduce pulling and create silky knot free hair. 

Made from Corn, Cassava and potato starches. Durable and long lasting but when it's time to discard and under microbial conditions in nature, the handle will bio-degrade completely into carbon dioxide and water which is a perfect fertiliser.