Change Dissolvable Glass Cleaning Tablets

Change Dissolvable Glass Cleaning Tablets

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Change is the new way to clean glass with these fantastic and effective dissolvable glass cleaning tablets. What you will end up with is a streak-free shine without the single-use plastic bottles. 

• Quickly dissolves and removes streaks with the power of effervescent technology.
• Each tablet makes 300mls of glass cleaning liquid.
• Ammonia and chlorine free tablets.
• Removes finger marks and dirt with ease
• A super quick-drying mirror cleaner.
• Special streak-free formula
• Non-toxic & Easy to use.
• Minimal plastic packaging

How to use

Simply drop the CHANGE glass tablet into 300ml of warm tap water and into your reusable or recycled spray bottle and leave for about 5 minutes or until fully dissolved. Once dissolved spray onto glass surface and wipe clean. For best results use a microfibre cloth or paper towel. 

Plastic free cleaning is a thing and works to eliminate single use plastic spray bottles. Plus they're cheaper to ship and cheaper than conventional cleaning liquids. 

Included: 4 TABLETS in a cardboard biodegradable carry box. 


  • PEG 150(<10%)
  • Sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate (<5%)
  • Blue CA642 (<1%)