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Ecobud Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug White With Filter

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Ecobud Gentoo water filter is an eco friendly water filter that operates with a replaceable filter using activated charcoal to alkalise your water to maintain a pH level of water 8 - 8.5.

Either you're using a filter to clean the tap water you’re drinking or your body is the filter! This water is odourless and delicious. 

Gentoo glass water filter jug by ECOBUD is a simple and effective way to remove sediments and filter out chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants (including heavy metals and bacteria) from drinking water using activated carbon. Gentoo Glass Life Water Filter Jug removes up to 98% of the fluoride in your drinking water. It functions on the principle of adsorption to filter out impurities without the need for any electricity.  

  • Filters out most chlorine, bacteria and contaminants (including heavy metals) from water
  • Jug capacity 1.5L

Forget boiling, elaborate filtration systems and enjoy purified drinking water, leaving you with a cup of fresh and healthy water. 

Comes with one water filter that lasts up to 3 months or every 600 litres of filtration.