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Fruity Sacks Reusable Fruit Vegetable Mesh Bags 3 Pack

Fruity Sacks
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Fruity Sacks Reusable Fruit & Veg Shopping Bags are a little larger than other brands of produce bags, they are incredibly easy to use and lightweight. These reusable bags are designed to be used at the supermarket, green grocer or your local market for all of your fruits and vegetables. 

These mesh bags keep your produce together in your fridge or pantry without the need for plastic bags. They are also ideal to take to the shops so you can use your own bags instead of plastic. Perfect for fruit, vegetables, herbs and bulk goods such as grains, nuts and pulses. Eco-friendly and better for the environment, so perfect for using on the scales when paying for produce!

•   Consuming less over time: Reusing a bag instead of using a new bag at the supermarket each time is good news for the environment.
•   Bags are made from 100% rPET (recycled plastic drink bottles). This means 60% less energy and 90% less water went into making this bag as compared to similar non-recycled products.


Size: 45cm x 35cm
Weight: 12 grams per bag
Color: Green

They are much sturdier than single use plastic bags and can be used over and over again. They are machine washable and the open weave fabric allows your fruit and veg to breathe, without the risk of mould or contamination. With a handy drawstring opening they are easy to open and keep closed to avoid produce falling out.