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Little Mashies Reusable Stretch Food Wrap Mixed 3 Pack

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Little Mashies silicone covers for food can be stretched over bowls, cups and plates to keep food fresh. It’s designed to go on clean, dry surfaces but can be used on fresh produce like chopped pumpkin and chopped watermelon.

The set of 3 wraps (15cm, 20cm & 25cm) are so great to have in your kitchen you will be buying multiple sets and telling all your friends!

1. Remove wraps from packaging and peel off backing strip.

2. Wash before use in warm soapy water or the dishwasher. Hang over a utensil or dish rack to dry.

3. To use as a bowl covering choose a wrap the same size as the bowl. Ensure the bowl is dry on all the surfaces that the wrap might touch (and ensure the wrap is dry). 

**Bumpy side of wrap faces up**

4. Hold both corners of the wrap on the front side of the bowl, pulling and stretching the wrap towards the other edge. You should not have to stretch too much as the bowl and wrap should essentially be the same size BUT you do need to stretch a little to get the wrap to adhere to both sides of the bowl.

5. If you feel like you need an extra hand an easy way to do it is to stretch the first side, then rotate the bowl so that side is leaning up against your body (like an extra hand sticking it down), then use your two other hands to stretch the other two corners out. Rotate the bowl as you go sticking each corner down.

6. Once stuck onto the bowl place it in the fridge or take it with you to a party. Try not to put anything on top of the bowl as this may damage the wrap.

7. To use as a baking paper alternative simply place it on your tray, put your roast veges, biscuits or whatever you are cooking on top and use as per normal baking paper. Do not heat over 180 degrees Celcius. Wash and dry after use.

8. To use to wrap sandwiches this takes a little practice as it isn't exactly the same as disposable plastic wrap. Place the sandwich in the middle of the smooth side of the wrap. Fold each side around the sandwich like you would with traditional disposable plastic wrap. Silicone wrap requires a little stretch to stick so you will need to stretch as you go.

9. To use to wrap food ensure the food is dry! For melons, pumpkins and avocado's you will need to use a tea towel to dry the outside. Stretch the wrap over the produce just as you would with a bowl. Choose the wrap that best fits the size of the food, remembering you want it to stretch a little but not a lot!

    Vegan Friendly, BPA Free, Use Hot & Cold.