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THE SWAG Starter Pack 1 Long - 1 Large - 2 Small - Econique

THE SWAG Starter Pack 1 Long - 1 Large - 2 Small

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Are you gifting or will you be gifted the pack that kick starts your journey to less waste, saving money and the planet? The Swag mixed colour set is a new way to keep your fruit and veggies fresher for longer in your fridge. 

Made of a unique 3-layer patented* design this set of cotton bags protects your fruit and veggies from drying out or wilting before you have the time to prepare them. Simply run cold water over your swag bag and then wring out. Keep the Swag moist all the time by spraying it. This creates a breathable environment which is not too cold or too hot allows the fruit and veggies to thrive in your fridge and lasts 2-4 times longer than in the crisper.

The Swag bags are environmentally friendly, sustainable and easily washed in your machine. Save money by not throwing anything away at the end of the week. 

Please note: Swag colours are chosen at random from stock on hand

The Starter Pack includes 1 LONG 1 LARGE 2 SMALL SWAGS.

Long Swag w 52 x h 38

Large Swag w 42 x h 52

Small Swag w 37 x h 38