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Weleda Teething Powder | Econique

Weleda Baby Teething Powder

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Weleda Baby Teething Powder (60g) helps babies during times of discomfort and restlessness due to teething and pain.

The average baby cuts their first tooth between six and nine months. Swelling or red gums can indicate teething pains. The child may drool, put objects in their mouth, have very red cheeks and can be very distressed. This is an all natural way to help soothe and calm baby's gums. Be sure to read the application instructions on the jar.

Weleda Teething baby powder combines homoeopathic ingredients, traditionally used in anthroposophic and homoeopathic medicine, to help relieve the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children. Helps calm and soothe.



Ingredients: Contains equal parts of homoeopathic ingredients: Chamomilla root 20x; Conchae 6x; in lactose base. Contains lactose and sugars. Free from synthetic preservatives, colours and flavours